RPGMapMaker is a tool for drawing maps with polygonal grids. This kind of maps is used in Role Playing Games, but of course can be designed for any other purposes. In addition to having most of the capabilities of a real painting program (such as lines, ovals, ..., drawing with color and pattern, text, pipettes, etc.), RPGMapMaker has also unique features that greatly simplify the building of polygonal maps: * Various kinds of grids: hex, square or lozenge-based grids. * Ten layers static map. Four pre-allocated layers and six extra layers allocated on demand. * Interactive maps. Static maps can be linked between each other. * Links to external files. You can attach files to a static map. * Layers managers. For allocating and freeing the additional layers, etc. * Various dimension units (cm, m, ft, ya, etc.) * Predefined terrains tiles in various size. * Terrains editor. To modify or create terrain tiles. * Terrain Organizer. To reorganize a terrain library and transfer tiles between libraries. * Random terrain generator of up to five different “regions”. * Random maze cavern, or dungeons generator. * Fractal terrain generator. * Line with arrows of various shapes. * Drawing contexts. You can memorize fore and back colors and patterns for further utilization. * Textures. To be used with the filling tools. * Selective drag or clear. You select which map layer(s) you want to drag or clear. * Intelligent copy and paste between active layer and the clipboard. * Intelligent external drop. * Multiple levels of undo. * Models. Using a special script, you can create the grid with a predefined appearance. * Layer Scripts. You can attach a script to a layer (for drawing text programmatically). * Text Styles. You can memorize an infinite number of style contexts to speed up text operations. * Markers. A marker is an icon with a text. * Markers Manager. Allows you manipulating markers without having to ctrl-click on the map.