Taskline is a personal productivity addin for Microsoft® Outlook® that automatically schedules your Outlook task list, to give you an achievable and predictable work schedule. With Taskline, you know when each of your tasks is likely to start and finish, enabling you to meet deadlines with confidence. Scheduling takes into account your normal working week and any existing appointments in your calendar, such as holidays and meetings. Taskline can also display tasks in Outlook's calendar, to provide a single view of all your commitments. Taskline gives you the power to control your workload, rather than have it control you. Taskline provides much of the power of the Critical Path Analysis found in Project Management software, but at a fraction of the cost and with none of the complexity. It also gives the convenience and familiarity of using an Outlook-based solution. * When will you finish each of your assignments? * Are all your deadlines achievable? * Is it possible to complete that new assignment by the required deadline, given all your existing commitments? Taskline can tell you all of these things, and more. It also makes it easy to quickly adapt to a changing schedule. Having an achievable schedule puts you in control!