1-2-3 PDF to Word Converter to Convert PDF to Word is now compatible with Windows 7 also. You can convert PDFs to editable MS Word. Making word Documents with the PDF converter's step-by-step wizard interface, leads you through the conversion process. You can make Word files with the PDF making function of this document conversion tool. Some highlights of 1-2-3 PDF to Word Converter: 1. No re-formatting required, all original text, layout, tables and images are replicated exactly. 2. PDF documents are converted into editable Microsoft Word documents 3. Convert PDF documents into Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) formats 4. Supports partial conversion. Convert the whole PDF file or specify a page range for conversion 5. matches text color, font size, and font style with Microsoft Word 6. Identifies and separates logos and banners within the Microsoft document and keeps document images safe. All the formatting of the original file is retained after conversion. 7. It also retains the superscripts and subscripts as it was in the original document after conversion. 8. The text editing and formating also become very easy because the position of the line and columns of text remain intact. 9. If you are aware of the password, then it also allows you to convert the master password protected PDF file into word. 10. It has 45 days trial restriction. 11. Change page orientation and select page size from 8 different sizes, set height and width of page, and adjust line spacing. 12. Specify no. of columns. 13. Supports the Embedding of True Type Fonts. 14. Handling of rotated page, text, images, and shapes. 15. It supports Hyperlink, Bookmark, SuperScript and SubScript. 16. Support for different type of users on system. 17. In case you have any questions, get 24 Hr email support and US daytime telephone support. 18. Get free software updates.