NetShade makes your presence on the web anonymous by routing your connection through a proxy server. It keeps you from leaving your digital "calling card" at every site you visit. Every time you visit a website, your computer's browser makes a connection to the site. As soon as this happens, the site you visit immediately knows your IP address. Giving someone your IP address is the digital equivalent of giving someone your home address - it is essentially a "return address" for your computer. NetShade prevents this by acting as the middle-man in your connection. Instead of your computer connecting directly to the site in question, you connect to a proxy server which in turn fetches the web page from the desination server and passes it back to you. The proxy server is the only one making connections to servers of the sites you visit, and its IP address is the only one that the web servers see. For more information, see How it Works in the FAQ. NetShade provides access to a long list of public proxy servers, as well as its own private server which is available to registered users of the software. The NetShade Proxy server is the most secure option, providing both HTTP and HTTPS and high uptime and performance.