Hybrid bass synth featuring urban type bass sounds,utilizing subtractive,fm,phase distortion synthesis.It's essentially a monophonic synth but has a pseudo stereo mode also and features 3 oscillators,osc sync,2 filters,LFO,2 ADSR's,mod envelope generator,2 waveshapers,tube amp and bit crusher effects,2 modulation matrix's with 24 possible destinations with the option of signal inversion. The phase distortion osc has 2 wave generators each comprising of 8 waveforms,and the FM osc comes with 7 standard waveforms and also has a sync mode. There's an add on unison oscillator which includes 3 waveforms. Each oscillator has fine tune and transpose function and the synth also has a master fine tune control. There are 3 main modes of operation which are FM,phase distortion and FM+phase distortion with a mix knob to get more level from either oscillator. The first filter has Low Pass or HP operation and has an analog/digital emulator,bass boost,Q tap and clear/furry options,the 2nd filter acts more like a basic eq and is in a fixed mode of operation. You can view your sounds/waveforms via the frequency analyser or onboard scope. In pseudo stereo mode you can control left and right levels via seperate sliders in the master section in the top left of the synth,also in this section there is retrigger,velocity switch,master level and glide. The included LFO is host synced and doesn't operate in free mode. The tube amp has adjustable clipping hardness,bias,and power supply regulation,clipping and/or crossover distortion. Most of the parameters on this synth can be automated via MIDI or your host automation. features: * 3 oscillators * 2 ADSR's and 1 mod * frequency analyser&scope * mono/pseudo stereo mode * host synced LFO * 2 modulation matrix's with 24 destinations each * peak follower * dual waveshapers * 2 filters * soft/hard clipping * tube amp simulation * bit crusher * 3 oscillator modes * automation via midi or host * 25 presets * preset display