JustFTP is an ActiveX component that is used to access remote FTP servers. An ActiveX FTP component (justftp.dll) that can be easily "driven" by scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET. It exposes a COM IDispatch "Dual Interface", any modern language that supports COM / ActiveX can be used to "drive" the JustFTP component. (Visual Basic or C/C++ for example.) JustFTP frees you from the networking details. It enables you to get on with your file transfers and administrative tasks. Methods provided: Dir(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, DirList, UserName, Password) Get(LocalFile, RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password) GetASC(LocalFile, RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password ) MakeDir(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, NewRemoteDir, UserName, Password) RemoveDir(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, DirToDelete, UserName, Password) RemoveFile(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password ) RenameFile(RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteExistingFilename, RemoteNewFilename, UserName, Password) Send( LocalFile, RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password) SendASC(LocalFile, RemoteHost, RemoteDir, RemoteFilename, UserName, Password) These methods cater for most of the common FTP file manipulation requirements. All methods take username and password credentials, if these are not required, an empty string ("") may be used.