With this Quick Launch toolbar, you have quick access to your most frequently used programs and files. An overview of all your drives as well as direct access to favorite folders are also the possibilities of TIOTools. It will fade at the edge of your desktop, it bothers you not at work, however, is ready immediately if the Quick Launch toolbar is needed. The Quick Launch toolbar can be used as a complete replacement for the Windows Start menu and the windows own Quicklaunchbar. Additional Utilities: Calc Convert: Simple conversion tool to convert values. Clipboardviewer: Displays the current content of the clipboard. Colorpicker: Shows you the code of the color under the recent position of your cursor. Stopwatch: Stopwatch with interims. Magnifier: Zoom at a certain section of your monitor under the mouse. Changes: - Fixed a Bug with Historyaccess by Trayicon. - Support for Windows 7. - Delay for the display of the application bar. - External sources selectable for icons. - Fixed a bug in folder management. New Features since v2.0: - Autorun for removable drives. - Multi-core support for Executables. - Support for multi monitors. - Save remove for removable drives. - Game-Mode for application panel - The appearance of the toolbar can be changed. - Smaller buttons for small displays like netbooks. - Tool-installation and Update selection online.