An Automatic file Archiver with and integrated archive manager and (Zip file) Editor with an "Edit then Save" interface. Includes a learn Mode that "Learns" the types of files you modify (.doc, .xls, ...). Fast Automatic Archiving/Backup of recently modified files (5-15 seconds). Many settings to customize program operation and you can create Self extracting Archives. You can also create Self extracting Archives. Why Use the File Archiver? 1) Would you like duplicate backup copies of files made automatically? 2) Are you responsible for computer users that don't know what a backup or file is? 3) Does your spouse or child use a computer but doesn't know where or how to backup a file? 4) Do they invest a lot of time in school work? 5) Do you or your co-workers have years invested in computer work but don't bother to backup the work? When properly configured the File Archiver can create backup copies of computer files and documents automatically to preserve the data that so much work went into. What is an Archive? An archive is a reserved location for a group of files with the intent to preserve the information in those files. Files that make up archives are often stored in what is called a "ZIP" file. A "ZIP" file is a file that contains other files that are compressed to preserve space. Zip archives are convenient for containing files that you want to preserve as backups or as a convenient way of sending multiple files to someone. What is a Backup? In a nutshell, a backup is a duplicate copy of a file or document kept in case the original is lost or corrupted. There are different types of backups. Local Backup - Is a copy of a file or document that is located on the computers hard disk drive. Remote Backup - Is a copy of a file or document that is NOT located on the computers hard disk drive. Off Site Backup - Is a copy of a file or document that is located in a location other than where your PC is.