texManager is a mix of network-aware text block management and a software for document creation and therefore offers more than the traditional text module management programs. texManager was especially developed for Microsoft Word word processing, but can also be used with any other Windows program, such as Outlook, Excel, etc.. This text module management is the ideal extension for all MS Office / MS Word users who want to manage their text modules, templates, forms and documents quickly and safely. Formatted text with pictures, tables, form fields, etc. are stored easily and quickly. Small text cutouts or multi-page documents are stored in separate text module databases or linked directly. Either centrally in the network or locally on the PC. The operation of the texManager text module administration is easy and intuitive. Summary of key features - Small text snippets and save multi-page documents in databases or direct link - Several text elements back into a new block link (combination of text) - Hierarchical structure of the texts in themselves assigned categories - Sharing of text blocks in the network - Granting access rights on the network - Save formatted text with images, tables, forms, and everything e.g. MS Word offers - Version Control - Built-in text editor (MS Word, 100% compatible) - Insert text blocks in all Windows programs - Full text search and keyword search - Design your own forms - Can create Word documents automatically from text block lists - Integration of the database via XML to other applications - Save the text databases available on the network or locally on the PC - Call of the text blocks directly from the document - Support for VBA macros that can be called for each text block - Wildcard function