Run.GPS Trainer is the perfect tool to take along doing all sorts of sports like running, cycling, skiing, hiking, and many more. Run.GPS is for outdoor navigation, training recording, analysis and trainingplan creation. Direct upload to Recording - high-precision algorithm for recording your training distances and speeds - pause detection: shows all pauses on the map screen and computes average speeds on "net" time (subtracting pause times) - manual registration of training sessions for which the GPS device cannot be taken, for instance when swimming - easy key control Navigation - the first application ever to provide navigation services for runners and other athletes - use the built-in navigator to have yourself safely navigated through forest or town - allows you to import routes from Google Earth Plus, Trackmaker and many other sources - sophisticated navigation for outdoor use: even taking shortcuts or leaving the track for some time will not disturb your navigation - Run.GPS is always able to lead you back to your route Voice Based Training and Navigation Information - listen to MP3s on your PDA and at the same time get spoken training and navigation information over the headphone: listen to samples with imperial units(info) or metric units(info) (music can be played using Media Player or other software while at the same time running Run.GPS) - provides the following spoken information: navigation direction, remaining distance to destination, speed, average speed, training elapsed time, training distance, altitude and GPS status Maps - get your position displayed on either an automatically drawn map (InstantTrailMapping) or on an imported map (for example from Google Earth) - automatically combine up to 12 partial maps into one seamless map on the screen - import maps from Google Earth without calibrating - import maps from other sources