Sourkoban is a fun Sokoban program that can show animated solutions. * An easily-used puzzle solving interface, * Built-in map sets (around 600 maps), * Unlimited maps via the map set reader, * Built-in solutions for all built-in maps, * Map editor/creator, * Map saver, * Animation to demonstrate solutions, * Animation to replay your moves, * Unlimited undo and redo, * Map position save, * Map position restore, * Map solution reading, * Remembers your best solution for each map, * Automatic next map modes: next unsolved, next with improvable solution. What is Sokoban? In this very popular game, the warehouse keeper (Sokoban) must push boxes to designated positions. The area in which he operates is effectively a maze, and is viewed from above. He can only push a single box at a time. He cannot pull. He cannot climb over boxes. He can only move up, down, left, right. A puzzle is completed when all boxes are in the designated locations. Of course, you, the user, have to choose the route and move the man. It might sound simple and boring, but try it; you'll soon find how easy it is to get boxes into positions from which they cannot be moved, and how hard it can be to get them to their designated locations. Sourkoban has hundreds of built-in maps to get you started but huge numbers of others can be downloaded and used in the program. Future releases of Sourkoban will include additional maps and solutions. Map Editor: Create or edit maps. Save as files, solve them and save your solutions. Then you can send them to friends and challenge them to find a better way. In the editor you type in the standard map symbols and the program displays them as graphical map elements so you can see exactly what it will look like when you look for a solution. The Python source code is included.