CST Instrumentation Studio for .NET is a collection of common instrumentation interface and graphic components for .NET. It includes 13 fully managed .NET controls which are royalty-free runtime distributed. These components are high-quality and very popular in the process control, MMI, scientific, engineering, simulation, and data acquisition communities. All of them are designed for high speed. This software package includes Annunciator, Gauge, Indicator, Knob, Led, Meter, NumberLed, Odometer, Percent, Selector, Slider, Toggle and Trend etc. 13 components(*.dll), one demo, all help files and C# & VB.NET samples. They will help you become familiar with all aspects of the product. You can download the evaluation edition from Century Soar web site and fully test the components in your project, they can be used freely for 60 days. The evaluation edition and the licensed edition are fully functional. Note: This evaluation edition does not support the component releasing. If you want to test your application developed with these components on the destination machine, you need to install this software on it. The licensed edition does not have this limit. This demo includes some data files, such as several .wav file and a .mdb database file( for the history data demo of Trend) which are installed in C:\Program Files\CSTSOFTINCDemoData. Our Instrumentation products family includes Stduio for ActiveX, Studio for VCL, Studio for .NET and AirGauge ActiveX. We are confident that you will find these products to be an innovative and exciting.