Get organized with Photozig Albums Deluxe! Photozig Albums Deluxe is the complete solution for managing and sharing digital photos. Copy pictures from your digital camera to your computer, organize into albums, and share them with your family and friends. You can create your own screensavers, slideshows, and publish photos to your own web page or blog. Most importantly, Photozig Albums Deluxe also includes integrated backup support to backup and protect your photos for the future. Enhance: Let Photozig Albums Deluxe make every picture look perfect with our "Quick Fix" option. Make a mistake? Photozig Albums Deluxe always preserves the original -- you can always undo any changes. Protect: Photozig Albums Deluxe includes integrated backup support. All major storage formats are supported: CD-R, hard drives (internal or external), ZIP disks, and USB Flash drives. Organize: You can rearrange your photos into albums and create slideshows with photos/video/music or screensavers. Share: E-mail pictures to your friends and family. You can create photo galleries or blogs on the web for free! If you prefer, you can make a CD and backup all of your photos. FEATURE SUMMARY: + Quickly copy, organize, and share your digital pictures. + Powerful, efficient and easy-to-use features with free integrated web functions to share online photos in new and fun ways. + Selectable user interface -- use only the program features that are important to you. + Full Backup Functionality - Albums Deluxe will maintain a record of which photos have been backed up, and where they are located. + All edits are completely reversible -- your original photos are preserved automatically - always! + Advanced features allow you to enhance and present your photos as personalized slideshows or screensavers. + Allows you more time to enjoy and share special moments with your family and friends.