TimeCalc ET Professional is the ultimate electronic time clock application. It can be used either as a workstation-based time clock for offices where most employees have access to PCs, or as a single-workstation time clock application for other situations. We have focused on flexibility and ease of use, while providing the information needed for efficient payroll processing. Following is a partial list of the features of TimeCalc ET Professional: -Optional multiple-level password protection provides security with supervisor-only access to selected functions. -Can accumulate time by department or project. -Memo or note can be entered for each in/out cycle to provide additional detail. -Authorized users can edit previously entered items, override times and/or departments. -Numerous reports allow you to readily break down the employee's time in the ways you need it, without providing unnecessary detail to clutter the information. -Program can be configured to set its time from a server's clock to prevent employee manipulation of time. -History database eliminates need for paper time records. -Export to comma-delimited and other common formats. The download is a 30-day free trial. Afterward, you can purchase the program online by visiting our website (www.timecalc.com) or use the built-in "Register" function to register by mail. When you register you will receive a "License Key" by email to allow you to convert to a registered copy at once. We ship a diskette copy by mail the same day of your order. Software can be licensed for 25 active employees ($139) or 100 employees ($249), Additional 100-employee licenses are $149. Your "License Key" is good for all minor version updates to the software, available for download at our site.