Turn your computer off by icon, button, combination keystroke or timer and... protect privacy, cleanup PC, close applications in accordance with chosen policy, kill unknown viruses, backup data, eject CD and be sure your computer will shut down! CLEANUP FEATURES: all popular Internet browsers (Chrome, Flock, IE, Maxthon, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari) support, all Internet traces cleanup (passwords, autocomplete, cache, history, search, URLs, downloads), separate cleanup settings for each Internet browser, all user's traces and history erasing by DoD 5220-22M shredder standard, unique index.dat files shredding (no reboot needed, new size 16 - 64kb), advanced shredder settings for Recycle Bin, temporary files and Internet cache, just installed Windows PC's performance. BACKUP FEATURES: backup at shutdown, easy data and catalogues structure restoring, drag and drop assigning for backup, all backups in one place (e.g. USB-drive). SHUTDOWN FEATURES: one click shutdown, forced shutdown, adjustable shutdown, shutdown timer, pleasant shutdown. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: friendly Settings Wizard, CD ejecting if any in drives, closing not responding applications, additional protection against new viruses, separate settings for each user, one click execution if started with a parameter,compatibility with all launchers and schedulers, energy saving.