Statmetrics is a free cross-platform software application providing an interactive environment for computational finance. Statmetrics combines innovative quantitative finance technologies with traditional technical and econometric analysis methods. Statmetrics can be used in diverse fields to perform econometric analysis, technical analysis, risk management, portfolio management and asset allocation. Statmetrics Major Features: Technical Charting: - Intuitive charting technology - Dynamic chart scaling - Fast zooming and live scrolling - Time-series compression - Intelligent drawing tools - Interface customization - Charting window management Technical Analysis: - Built-in technical indicators - Custom technical indicators - Trading signals - Multiple data-source support Numerical Analysis: - 2D and 3D visualization - Special functions - Linear algebra - Equation solving - Numerical calculus Econometric Analysis: - Statistical analysis - Statistical visualization - Statistical tests - Time series analysis Quantitative Financial Models: - Modern portfolio theory - Capital asset pricing model - Black-Scholes Model Programming: - Powerful Script editor - Groovy based scripting language - Importing java classes and packages - Accessing external java libraries Finance Data Providers: - Yahoo! Finance - Google Finance - German Federal Bank - European Central Bank Data Management: - External data import/export - Data hibernation - Data editing - Automatic data download