Add Gantt chart and scheduling capabilities to your ASP.NET application. ActiveGanttCSA can be used with practically any development environment and .NET language (VB.NET, managed C++, etc.) that supports ASP.NET development. Use ActiveGanttCSA to build Gantt Charts, rosters, equipment/location rental, TV/Movie scheduling, and many other applications. Features: ActiveGanttCSA is an easy to use Gantt chart component. ActiveGanttCSA has an easy to understand object hierarchy. The object model is consistent across all the other programming language / technology versions of the component (ActiveGanttVC, ActiveGanttCSW, etc.), so there is no need to learn a new object model when switching project types. ActiveGanttCSA has an integrated Treeview that can be used to represent a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). ActiveGanttCSA can also be used in Grid Mode with Columns, Rows and Cells, like in a spreadsheet program. ActiveGanttCSA has limitless levels of zoom in the timeline. The timeline is completely customizable. Tasks and Milestones can be arranged in multiple layers. ActiveGanttCSA can import Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010 XML files. ActiveGanttCSA is locale customizable and Unicode compliant. ActiveGanttCSA can use different character sets such as Arabic, Cantoneese, Bengali, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, etc., using the appropiate font (such as Arial Unicode MS). ActiveGanttCSA is available in a compiled state or in professional and well documented C# source code. ActiveGanttCSA is a clickable image that can be used with any browser on any operating system. ActiveGanttCSA is being used sucessfully with Microsoft Sharepoint Server. The ActiveGanttCSA trial version has no expiration date and is not crippled in any way.