We have developed the educational program "Linear Equations", not to replace the math teacher at high schools, but to be a help for the algebra students. Surely they will like to play with the software, and in the meantime they will learn in a unique way to resolve linear equations, which is an important part of mathematics. Linear equations are equations involving only one variable, like x or y, and nothing complicated like powers or square roots. In the four exercises of the program the following rules are used: To solve an equation you may 1) divide both parts of the equation by the same number; 2) multiply both parts by the same number; 3) add the same number to both parts; 4) subtract the same number from both parts; 5) you may not divide by zero or multiply; 6) move terms from one part to the other part, but only if you change the sign of those terms. In the program you hardly have to use pen and paper, and the exercises are not simply "questions with an answer", but a special kind of "dynamic-game-like-mathematics". To challenge your knowledge, you can play the falling blocks style math game "Valgebra": By manoeuvring the falling x-terms and numbers, you resolve an equation. But take care.., if you make a mistake, you are penalised by a reduction in the size of the container, which immediately makes it harder to control successive terms precisely! The high scores will surely motivate your motivation to study and practise the theory and exercises to resolve linear equations!