ZipPassword COMEBACK is a powerful and user friendly software to recover your lost or forgotten password for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. Have you ever encrypted your zip archives? And then unfortunately forgot or lost the passwords. Don't be worried. With our powerful recovery methods: brute-force, dictionary-based and user-defined mask attacks, it can help you to recover your lost password with ease! Key Features: * User friendly interface. * Works with zip-archives created using WinZip, PKZip or any other ZIP-compatible software. * Supports Zip archives and self-extracting Zip archives (SFX). * Supports Zip archives encrypted using "Standard Zip 2.0 encryption", "128-Bit AES encryptions" and "256-Bit AES encryptions" * Supports "Brute-force attack", "Dictionary attack" and "Mask attack" methods. * Custom charset support for Brute-force attack (user-defined charset). * Ability to pause and resume recovery process. * Ability to find all possible case combinations of the current word in dictionary. Ex: "cat", "Cat", "cAt", "caT", "CAt", " cAT", "CaT", "CAT" * Ability to assign of Min and Max password length. * Ability to run the recovery process in background. * Ability to load the external dictionary. * Custom define mask symbol and pattern corresponded to the password. * Ability to define the password as starting and ending point for the recovery process. * Password recovery progress bar. * Save and open project for continuing the recovery job later. * Running as background process. * Minimizing to the tray. * Full install/uninstall support.