VideoPhill is inexpensive software solution for archiving large volumes of video material for purpose of later analisys. It is used by broadcasters for compliance recording and by monitoring houses to archive and analyze captured video material. It can also provide you with replay for your favourite TV station. VideoPhill uses software compression algorithms that will enable many *days* of video to be captured to inexpensive hard disk storage. System using VideoPhill can be build for under 1140? which is many times less then when using so called "propriatery solutions". Features: * unlimited recording time dependent only on hard disk capacity * will record any signal given from Osprey hardware * PAL-BDGHI and NTSC-M are supported * recording of audio with video * up to 3 days per 10GB (with 256kbps video) * in-frame time stamp labeling * various frame size options and bitrate/quality configurations * local or remote (LAN) playback of recorded archive via VideoPhill Player * custom timestamp position inside the frame * archive is made without single frame loss * file export for playback on other computers