CamCollect for Windows will download, display and save images from the many thousands of webcams available on the internet. CamCollect monitors up to 1,000 pre-defined webcam sites, only downloads new images to save web bandwidth, supports authentication for members only sites, and contacts up to 16 webcam sites simultaneously to maximise internet usage and stop dead or slow sites effecting collections. Optionally, captured images are shown in a thumbnail window allowing rapid viewing. Images may be automatically enhanced before being displayed, captioned with site name and time, and automatically saved on disk, with file names based on the date and time (fully customisable) or with sequential numbers. CamCollect supports various techniques to overcome the anti-piracy schemes used by many webcams to prevent their images being linked from other sites. Streaming cams from sites such as Camarades may be captured as a series of stills. A built-in image editor allows images to be viewed enlarged, cropped, have text added, be colour corrected, filtered or enhanced, and saved in various image formats. A single button launches a web browser for the webcam site's home page, and webcam site information can be imported from a text file to allow rapid set-up, and saved to text files to share with others. CamCollect is shareware, developed by Magenta Systems Ltd, in England. Until registered, CamCollect will stop automatically capturing webcam pictures after five minutes, but may still be used to capture single pictures. CamCollect Release 2 registration costs £25 (UKP) which is about US$37 or 42 Euro. Existing users of CamCollect Release 1 may upgrade to Release 2 for £15 (UKP).