The AXON Idea Processor provides an environment that supports the thinking processes. It helps you to create, communicate, explore, plan, compose, design, learn; and to: - Work with ideas & concepts rather than words. meat machine - See the big picture and not get lost in details. - Analyze and solve more complex problems. - Stimulate creativity and discovery. - Effectively amplify your mental potential. - Focus attention and minimize distractions. - Reduce mental fatigue and writers' blocks. The main differences between an Idea Processor and a Word Processor are as follows: COMPARISON: IDEA PROCESSOR vs WORD PROCESSOR Function: Process-oriented vs Product-oriented Abstraction: High level vs Low level Structure: Network vs Linear Focus: Content vs Formatting Relations: Explicit arrows vs None, or implied Navigation: Pointing vs Scrolling up/down Application: Thinking vs Copy typing Axon provides thinking tools from simple ones like Checklists and Questions, to more complex tools like the 3D Visualizer, Analyzer, Generator, and the Simulator.