Welcome to TextSpeech Pro, the most powerful, easy to use text-to-speech software on the market. Utilizing text-to-speech voices of exceptional quality, with TextSpeech Pro you can: * Synthesize speech from most documents (like Pocket Word, text, HTML, etc.); * Browse to Internet using a feature-rich web browser and listen to any web page being converted to human speech; * Export text to a variety of audio file formats; * Use a text editor to convert typed text to speech and then save the created documents for future use; * Modify voice properties like voice type, pitch, speed, volume, pauses between sentences, etc.; * Pause then resume the speaking voice; * Further tune the speech output using standard XML tags; * Instruct the program to speak only certain parts of a document; * Instruct the program whether to highlight the words while the speech is in progress; * Easily access all recently opened web pages or files;