The applets AutoNavigator and its swing variant Navigator automatically read and list files and folders into a menu. Files become menu items whereas folders become submenus. The headings of files and folders are shown in the menu. Folders without selected file types are disregarded. If appropriate index files are provided by the server, the applets are able to use these files. The number of menu items is limited to 512, the depth of file pathes to 6. The applet AutoNavigator uses Java 1.1 instructions and is compiled with jdk1.1.8. Therefore, it runs also in older browsers. The applet Navigator uses swing component and is compiled with jsdk 1.2.2. The applets AutoNavigator and Navigator build a bundle of navigation applets which regulates the access to internet pages with other applets using swing components or not. The applets read parameters for their title and color gradient, as well as parameters to filter files, to choose the start path of reading, to read links in seleted files into submenus and to limit the depth of submenus. The zip file contains the jar-archive, descriptions and an offline-example. The author uses the applets already on his pages. More detailed descriptions in English with examples are available at