Adult remake of the classic minesweeper game. Neutralise minefields and watch the glamour girls. The game based on succession of levels. The object is to find hidden mines. Mark all the mines, and you win. If you uncover a square contains a mine, you lose the game. To uncover a square, tap on it. To mark a square contains a mine, tap on it and move the stylus away or press a hard button and tap on a square. Features: Game: Classic rules. Infinite replayability with randomly generated levels. The game based on succession of levels. Scores table. Built-in visual themes. Settings form. Ability to resume previous game. Supports Five-Way Navigator. Supports two techniques to mark the squares. High quality background skins with glamour girls. Trial version contains 1 free skin. Sound: Enhanced sound effects for Palm OS 5 devices. Predefined sound themes with female voices. Graphics: High-color, high-resolution. High-color, low-resolution. Skins: Built-in skins for game elements (visual themes). Supports skins with new technology - better picture quality and capacity. Skin preview. Basic management - built-in ability to delete a skin. Supports skins on external cards (SD / MMC). Built-in support for skins for standard and high-resolution devices. Supported devices: PalmOS 5.x, 6.x Screen mode 320 x 320 x 16bit colors Screen mode 160 x 160 x 16bit colors