uForte OPC DA,AE,HDA Server for Custom Data" (ufOPCSvrCust) is a tool for rapid development of OPC DA, AE and HDA servers. To make OPC DA, AE and HDA servers for your equipment you will have to do: 1. Enter address space structure using GUI. 2. Implement Client Control Module (CCM) for your equipment. Using the supplied examples it won't be difficult. How it works: CCM supplies current data from equipment to ufOPCSvrCust. Those data become available to OPC DA clients and are archived. Archive data are available to OPC HDA clients. Also, through ufOPCSvrCust CCM can send simple AE events to OPC AE clients. Using this product you don't have to deal with the mass of the OPC details, you don't have to learn it at all. The only thing you have to know is how to operate with your equipment.