Vitrine multimedia is a interactive freeware customizable dynamic display (digital signage) for all types of screens (LCD, plasma, OLED, holographic, flat, video, TV, etc.).. It helps to spread easily and quickly with a basic computer, photos, texts, videos, sound clips, Internet sites, television (DTT, bouquets FAI TV, satellite), shoutcast radios, cameras , PowerPoint animations and flash animations on one or several screens at once. You can create dynamic slide shows, interactive presentations to display on the screens of your store, your school, your mayor, your company or at a trade fair to display your products and information about your services. Our program works in network and application automatically detects the number and type of display connected to the PC to adjust the display equipment. A lower cost, give life to your window (front store, point of sale, lobby, stand, exhibitions, interactive terminals, touch screens, POS, etc.). And capture the attention of passers! - Fixed cost (you pay only once your software, except the weather module, annual fee) - TOTAL INDEPENDENCE (The software works without an internet connection and it always work even if VM farm) - WORK IN LOCAL NETWORK AND INTERNET (Remotely manage your agencies, your points of sale) - DEVELOPMENT PERSONALIZED (compatibility possible with your real estate transaction software, your website, etc.). - Suitable for all types of existing (Change of service and reduce operating costs) - LAUNCH AUTO SOFTWARE (Once the software is properly configured, you simply turn on the pc player, launches VM itself) - MULTI-LANGUAGE (26 languages ??but you can not keep one) - MULTI-SCREENS (up to 14 screens per PC) - MULTI-ZONE (up to 14 media simultaneously on one screen) - PLAYLIST PLAYER (winamp, vlc, etc.). - MANAGEMENT OF CAMERAS AND WEBCAMS HD (usb, firewire, ethernet IP) - VIEWING THE DISPLAY DURING YOUR NETWORKED PCS (VMOffice) - MOSAIC (View several sources on the same screen, for