This instrument uses formant synthesis to generate rich, breathy pads sounds. The synthesis engine features 2 tuned oscillators and 1 breath oscillator, processed through 2 formant filters. The filters are controlled with an ultra-slick X/Y control pad, enabling realtime automation of complex morphing effects (for instance, from a ?a? vowel to a ?e?). Predefined formants are available, but it?s also possible to define your own ones with the built-in formants editor. Ultra-rich vocal pads are possible, thanks to the combination of unison mode, granular delay, chorus and reverb. The midi automation capabilities of Angelina are perfect for these long, evolving, breathy synth choirs. Finally, the microtuning feature opens up new textural worlds for the ambient artists: if you?re scoring the next Alien, you must hear the outer space atmospheres this synth can generate ! Last but not least, there is also an effect-only version available, that can be used to process any audio source (ever wanted to ?angelinize? your guitar ?). Angelina is available as freeware after registration on BigTick site.