Loomit is a free viewer and an erotic screensaver for skins from the Lumix game. At this time only skins from the Lumix game are supported, but we plan to support skins from other games and companies in future. This works as a viewer, if you run it directly from your launcher. You can create the gallery of images for viewing, can adjust depth of viewing skins frames and adjust a delay of change of images. This works as a screensaver together with the screensaver manager from the Handy Entertainment Company. Install and launch the screensaver manager (file SSManager.prc) to adjust options for work as screensaver. Features: * Low resolution displays are supported - 160x160x16-bit colors * High resolution displays are supported - 320x320x16-bit colors * High quality skins * Built-in support for skins * Supports PalmOS 5.0 and higher * Options form * Supports skins on external cards (SD/MMC)