EasyTable is a compact yet powerful database system for Delphi and C++ Builder designed to be used with portable applications such as personal databases, notebooks, phone books, bookmarkers, web server applications, etc., when using external drivers (such as standard Borland Database Engine) is pointless. This product uses its own format that allows to store multiple tables in a single database file. Moreover, EasyTable enables you to store the database inside the application executable file. EasyTable includes four visual components: TEasyTable, which is a fast and easy TTable replacement; TEasyDatabase that handles tables stored inside the database file; EasyQuery that provides a subset of SQL'92 operators; TEasySession that allows to use EasyTable in multithreaded environment, including web server applications. EasyTable compiles right into executable file and does not require BDE or any DLLs. EasyTable provides the following services: - SQL and DDL commands support - multiple tables in a single database file - master / detail relationship - creating, renaming, emptying, deleting, restructuring and repairing tables - creating, editing, deleting, browsing and searching for records - creating and deleting multiple indexes - calculated and lookup fields - filtering support - BLOB fields compression - table encryption as well as encryption of the whole database - protecting data from unauthorized access by external tools (such as disk editors) - in-memory mode is also available to speed up the work with small tables - importing from and exporting to any data source in fast and easy way - internationalization / localization and Unicode support - Database inside the executable file - Multi-thread access EasyTable is a fully functional database system; it includes database components as well as useful utilities (with source code), many demos and comprehensive help.