Extract provides documentation for report files create using Crystal Reports (version 7.0 and above). The documentation can be produced in either a text file format or in a Microsoft Word file format and will include: - a Sample report (in the Word version only) - Summary report information - Database tables used - SQL query statement - Formulas used - Group definitions - Parameters - Sections with formatting information - Section Objects - each text field, database field, summary field, cross-reference or line used within the section. All section objects are numbered and correspond to a reference number on the sample report generated. The primary reports and all sub-reports are documented. This is a demonstration copy of Extract and as such, will only display 3 formulas and only 3 items in each section. Registering this software will allow all items to be displayed. - otherwise the programs are identical. Report Miner Extract will read Crystal Report Files created with Crystal Reports version 3.5 - XI R2.