Through a sophisticated interface, users can send help desk requests, track issues and bugs, and manage teams with ease. Critical and important tasks are easily recognized through a unique color-coded priority task list. Tasks can be sorted by urgency, issue, type, status and author and published in a printer friendly format for hardcopy output. Email alerts keep staff communication open as users are instantly notified of task changes. Managers and stakeholders are also kept in the loop. Each task has its own discussion thread attached keeping a complete history of the communication between affected staff members. Daily email alerts are sent each morning informing users of their top priority tasks needing attention. Managers and team leaders are able to view and organize their team tasks giving them the ability to see exactly what is being done and what needs to be done. Every aspect of the Bug Tracking Software is configurable. The BugAware administrator can create and modify systems, custom fields, task type, task status, priority and even the colors representing the task's urgency. BugAware now includes a unique external access system that allows your clients to submit issues externally. They do not require a BugAware account, and can submit issues via the web to a specially generated external access point. Jackal Software Pty Ltd are offering a free 5 user license of BugAware. Free Enterprise licenses are available for educational use and not for profit organisations.