Management of contacts, management of teams, projects and sales force. Tesuji CRM is a crm software easy, economic and effective to organize your team work around the relationships which you have with your prospective customers, customers and partners. Management of contacts, sales forces, business opportunities. Equipped with a manager of professional contacts, it enables you to create a file by contact and to follow your contracts, your business opportunities and your projects while managing the exchanged documents (email, letter, fax,?). - Customers relationship management CRM - Management of contacts - Documents shared - Planning of team and calendar - Follow-up of task and last times - Business opportunities - Marketing targets - Synchronization of the appointments with MS Outlook - Export of the tables and statistics under Excel - Fusion of documents with Word or Excel or OpenOffice - Calendar shared - Estimate & Facture by document model Word or Excel - Forecast of sales - Digitalization of documents to JPEG format - Follow-up of contracts of services Tesuji CRM is for the self-employed person and SME (small and medium companies). crm tools, crm solutions, crm software