PocketPRP Features :- - A Travel/Itinerary Manager. Templates of Trips & Itineraries. Create new Trips & Itineraries instantly from these templates. - Live Weather Reports. Forecasts for 10 days and all other important weather related information. - Real-time Flight Status* - Flight Alerts.* - Most comprehensive Unit Converter with 3000+ Global Units. - Global Currency Converter with live updates. - Portfolio Manager with live stock quotes. - Aesthetically designed Home Screen which give access to quick info like weather, appointments etc. on the go. No need to have Multiple Today Plug-ins. - World Clock. - World Day-Night Map. - Global Dialing codes. Area codes of US. - A secure Personal information Manager. Securely manage all your personal information with PRP Wallet. - Shopping, To-do & all other Lists manager. Powerful enough for Project Management requirements. - Set of commonly used calculators like Tip & Tax. - Free support. Support requests can be made directly from within the application. - Free upgrades. Free upgrade to all New versions (at least one upgrade every month). *Available with PocketPRP Gold & 5 alerts/month.