PDF to JPEG Converter is professional software that it can convert PDF to JPG image and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat and other third-party library. It can convert PDF to true color and gray JPEG image. The software support run from command line, fast speed and easy to use, you only need three steps to convert PDF to JPEG. There are two versions of PDF to JPEG Converter available, PDF to JPEG Converter (32bit) and PDF to JPEG Converter (x64), the 32bit version support 32bit or 64 bit Windows OS, but PDF to JPEG Converter (x64) only support 64bit Windows OS (It run fast the 32bit version). Feature of PDF to JPEG Converter Support batch process mode, you can convert a hundred of PDF document at one time. Fast speed PDF to JPEG Converter supports English, French, German, Italian and other languages PDF to JPEG Converter supports all Windows platforms, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. PDF to JPEG Converter support PDF 1.7 (formerly only supported by Acrobat7.0 and above) PDF to JPEG Converter support run from command line. PDF to JPEG Converter support export JPG with 72-800 dpi. Command line usage: Usage: PDFtoJPG [Option] < -i PDF File> [-o JPGFOLDER] -i [input PDF file] : PDF File name,support wildcard character. -o [output folder] : Generated JPG file output to -r [resolution] Set resolution in generated image files -n [Image Name template] Image name template, default -### -f [first Page] First page to convert -t [rotate] Rotate the tiff image,1-90,2-180,3-270 -l [last Page] Last page to convert -q [quality] JPG quality 25-100 -w [width] Image width -h [height] Image height -a [moveto folder] move converted pdf to the folder -e delete converted pdf document -? Help