Screenshot Grebba, grebba.exe Version 1.0, January 2009 Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the Paypal link or Amazon wishlist at: Please report bugs and feature requests to: What does it do and how does it work? Screenshot Grebba is a little tool that makes screenshots of up to 10 different program windows and displays them on its own webpage. I use it on a server with various network monitoring programs running. From every computer in the company I can then access the webpage to get an overview of what is happening in the network. Simply edit the file "grebbalist.ini": in every line enter the title of the program window to a maximum of 10 lines. The title is the text shown at the very top of the window, e.g. the default title for "Notepad" is "untitled - notepad". Check the example file provided. Then, start the program, adjust the timer to your needs (minimum interval is 1 minute, maximum 60 minutes). You may edit the list during runtime. The program then calls each window to the front one after the other with a wait time of 1 second between windows. It makes a screenshot, saves it as jpg file and creates a html file with links to all screenshot files. Window titles that are not available cannot be "screenshotted". That's it. Nothing fancy but it serves my personal need for monitoring and accessing the results. !!Warning!! When the program is running, windows will pop up and make normal working with this machine near impossible. !!Warning!! This program only works if the desktop is open and no screensaver is running!! !!Warning!! Please note that this progam can also be used in terminal sessions BUT sometimes the computers are not fast enough to provide the picture of the window. In this case, the screenshot will not be made correctly. Version history Version 1.0, January 2009