VideoMach is a multi-purpose video tool that can be used to: CONVERT HIGH-SPEED CAMERA OUTPUT TO STANDARD VIDEO: - Phantom CINE generated by Vision Research high-speed cameras - IDT RAW generated by IDT high-speed cameras - BAYER, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and other image formats - Produce slow-motion videos with optional time-code display CONVERT TIMELAPSE, STOP-MOTION AND OTHER PHOTOS TO VIDEO: - Convert images and music to full-speed video - Display elapsed days, hours, minutes and seconds on the videos EXPORT ANIMATED GIF AND FLC: - Convert videos to GIF or FLC animations (high-quality palette) - Convert GIF or FLC to standard video PUT VIDEOS SIDE-BY-SIDE, IN SPRITE-SHEET, OR APPLY TEMPORAL AVERAGING: - Display multiple videos side-by-side (Parallel Matrix tool) - Create sprite sheets out of video input (Serial Matrix tool) - Create crystal clear images out of short video input (Temporal Averaging) EXTRACT IMAGES AND AUDIO FROM VIDEO: - Save currently previewed frame as image - Extract images from a video (or a part of the video) - Extract music or audio effects from a video CUT AND CONVERT VIDEOS: - Convert videos between various formats - Speed up or slow down videos - Display text and logos in the video - Apply video filters: Rotate, Resize, Crop, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Equalize Colors and dozens of others