BMPreVIEW is a fast, compact, easy to use FREEWARE large BMP-image previewer for Win9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Main features of BMPreVIEW: works without installation, memory saving thumbnail-like image previewing algorithm, creates thumbnails of image files with the fastest speed, antialiasing for quality preview, manual and automatic contrast enhancement filters, selected region zooming, save to file and copy to clipboard operations, drag & drop support, simple hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts for all operations, input file name command line paramater, shows information of image files and more... There is the only one format supported by the current version of BMPreVIEW - uncompressed Windows Bitmap 1, 8, 24 bits (2, 256, 16M color images), loading of RLE8 or RLE4 compressed bitmaps is not currently supported.