An Editor with two separately configurable Edit Environments each providing Content, Outline and Scratchpad document views. Material may be organized into a hierarchy of expandable / collapsible Sections and Multilevel Lists within closely synchronized structural Browser and detail Edit panes. Edit Environment configurations include different language selections for multilingual editing and one or two pane working. Documentation may be readily moved up, down and between levels. Tables may be created from new or pre-populated via CSV and Delimited Text File Import. Text may be Searched, Tagged and Categorized for topic specific document traversal. A fourth ViewPoints view may be used to gather document snippets from both current and external documentation. The ViewPoint material may be arranged into a Categorized hierarchy for topic based grouping. ViewPoint material is cloned to allow multiple categorization of the same or overlapping documentation as needed. Merge allows external documentation to be included into the current working document. All ViewPoint and Merged documentation is directly editable with changes returned to the source documentation at the appropriate time. ViewPoint / Merge and other documentation may be expanded and collapsed in view to aid document navigation and reduce unnecessary print. Export is Edit Pane centric providing WYSIWYG document creation within the limits of the target file type. Hyperlinks and In-Line Image links are supported for both documents and web resources. Styling is hierarchical and flexible with initial document and line styles inherited from the top level Editor Style. Each Sense Documents is linked to an Editor Style that defines the Edit Environment whether internal Sense or Plugin specific. Full control is provided over File Encoding for file type conversion.