The Sense Editor has closely synchronized Browser and Edit panes providing Content, Outline and ScratchPad document views. The Browser pane may be hidden for single pane working. Material may be organized into a hierarchy of expandable / collapsible Sections and Multilevel Lists within the Browser. Tables may be created from new or pre-populated via CSV and Delimited Text File Import. Table rows, columns and cell multiline content are editable. Text may be Searched, Tagged and Categorized for topic specific document traversal. Paragraph and Section numbering is dynamically updated within a document-wide styling that is easily changed from selectable and part customizable formatting options. Multi-selection coupled with material expand / collapse enables document snippets to be selected for View centric Export and Print. Line and page counts plus context sensitive character and word tracking is provided. Hyperlinks and in-line image links may be made to both documenation and web resources. A Link Preview feature enables quick viewing of linked documentation. On-the-fly Language selection for multilingual editing. Unicode, ISO-8859 and Windows Codepage encoding options provide control over file output.