Tribal Trouble is a fast paced humorous realtime strategy game where your job is to lead your cartoonish and somewhat clueless kinsmen (be it Vikings or Natives) to new discoveries and victories as tribal clashes rage across tropical and northern islands. Unlike most other RTS games, Tribal Trouble is quite easy to grasp and offers single player skirmish and campaign games as well as online multi player battles on a near infinite number of maps. While Tribal Trouble is quite simple to grasp, planning successful strategies and utilizing the complex and varying terrain to your advantage, is the real challenge. The game features: * A single player mode where you can play against computer controlled opponents of 3 difficulty levels. * A single player campaign mode. * A multi player mode where you can challenge other players online and enter The League. * An endless supply of computer generated islands (up to one square kilometer) with varying terrain. * Massive battles with up to 6 players and 900 tribesmen at the same time. * Resource gathering and weapon production. * 3 types of buildings for each tribe: Quarters, armories and watchtowers. * 5 types of units for each tribe. * Chieftains with destructive special attacks.