The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager provides a powerful yet inexpensive way to tackle household money concerns such as saving on grocery bills, planning for a dream vacation, and managing finances. The View Budget feature is the heart of Budget Manager. After entering your income and expenses information, Budget Manager takes that information and sets up a budget for you - pay period after pay period, starting with the pay period you request. For each pay period, Budget Manager takes the amount you enter as your regular income and "pays" whatever is due for that period. Whatever monthly obligation, regularly paid item, adjustment or periodic allotment to some project is due, Budget Manager alerts you to that fact - on time. Because the grocery bill is a chief concern of most average wage earner's, Budget Manager provides a unique Shopper feature that helps you plan your shopping economically. With an organized budget, you usually have money left over to do extra things. To help you make wise decisions, Budget Manager provides a Finance section that delivers of load of valuable information. Without having extra money, it is possible to enjoy that good feeling that comes from paying off bills. To help you do this, Budget Manager provides a Pay Off feature that generates a pay off plan that pays off your creditors/bills in the shortest time possible takikng into consideration the money you have to work with. If you are planning a project that extends over a number of pay periods, like a vacation, you can develop a savings program using the Projects feature. You can use the Projects feature for anything you have to save up money for by a particular date (pay period).