There are a lot known grabbers EPG data, xmltv being the most popular one. If you do not run these grabbers regulary, it tends to need a lot of time getting your database up to date. Also it produces a lot of traffic since most of the important information comes on big web pages with all the eye candy. Now in my approach a central server is doing the grabbing and serves the pure EPG data in xml format even gzipped. Download for a few weeks is now done in a few seconds using the downloader GhostEPG. It also keeps your EPG databasefile fresh and deletes the old programes. There are currently 80 german tv stations plus a few foreign ones available. You just need to configure your required channels in a gui and set a number of days and the next time you fire it up there will be your tvguide.xml file, ready to be imported in various media center programs, such as MediaPortal or mythTV. It is fast and easy-to-use.