An outstanding talking full text translator that delivers fast, accurate and understandable complete texts from any source. LingvoSoft Talking Text Translator provides professional quality full text translation of technical documents, e-mails, and business and personal letters and speaks any text aloud. It makes working with longer texts easy and delivers readable results every time. The Talking Text Translator is a component of LingvoSoft Professional Suite which combines Dictionary, PhraseBook, FlashCards and ML-11 Travel Dictionary applications. As part of the Suite, it delivers an unsurpassed level of integration across the entire platform. Featuring a completely updated translation engine and the latest text-to-speech voice functionality it is fast and responsive even on older devices. Provides instant translation on cut and paste, by opening a document or via the virtual keyboard. Integrated with LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 and PhraseBook 2008 it also offers full compatibility with MS Pocket Explorer and Pocket File Explorer. LingvoSoft Talking Text Translator 2008 for Pocket PC features: Linguistic Fully updated and comprehensive dictionary databases Includes technical, medical, legal and other specialized terminology Interface Advanced text-to-speech (TTS) voice output of any text Customizable font style and size Multilingual interface with a choice of English, French, German, Spanish or Russian display languages Automated cut and paste translation Tools panels in every window Automatic highlighting of untranslatable or unrecognized words Saves original text and translations in separate files Improved user interface and documentation Integration Complete integration between all LingvoSoft Suite components including Dictionary, FlashCards, PhraseBook, Picture Dictionary and Text Translator.