Google Pack 2010 Google Pack is the easy-to-use Google functionality wrapper for ASP.NET. It includes the following controls: Google Maps Viewer * Full-screen modus * Automatically generates category list layers * Implement custom marker icons within a few minutes * Generate Map with markers directly from a Data Source * Context menu * Marker clustering Google Maps Route * Route planning by Google * Customizable print template * Streetview * Supports multiple destinations * Context menu * Address search * Draggable destinations Google Maps Pointer * Let visitors point out their location on the map * Select multiple locations * Address search * Drag & Drop * Select areas * Validate required number of areas or markers * Uses client's location as default location Google Location Picker * Same as pointer only to select one location * User friendly wizard interface * Customizable Marker icon * Select an area * Validate required input * Set default address by using associated controls * Perform distance queries Google Ads * Easiest way to show Google ads on your site * No need for javascript knowledge * Supports: Text, Images and Text and Images ad types Google Analytics * Track your visitors with Google Analytics * Register transactions Google AJAX-Feed * Get contents from different RSS feeds on your site in no time! * Supports image feeds (i.e. Flickr) to display slideshows.