Frenchman, Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the Rosetta Stone, thereby unlocking the history of ancient Egypt. The images displayed in Champollion's Pantheon - Gods of Egypt widescreen screensaver are from his book - Pantheon Egyptien : Collection Des Personnages Mythologiques De L'ancienne Egypte, D'apres Les Monuments, Avec Un Texte Explicatif (1823-[1825?], which contains 90 leaves of colored plates. Among the represented Egyptian gods in this widescreen screensaver are: Neith, Amon-Ra, Thoth, Anouki, Amon, Sati, Tiphe, Piiloh, Amon-Re, Sobek, Pooh, Hathor, Uraeus, Bouto, Ptah, Nouf, Noum, Ptah-Sokar, Ra, Cnouphis-Nilus, Djom, Thore, Atum, Khonsu, Toueris, Nieth Criocephate, Ioh, Montu, Anukis, Geb, Sati, Haroeris, Souvan, Tesonenoufre, Thoth Baboon, Ibis, Djem, Nut, Tphe, Ahe, and Mnevis. Note: symbols of fertility are present in these drawings.