Autopano Pro is the most spectacular breakthrough in automated picture stitching in recent years. - First software to automatically detect pictures belonging to a panorama. - First software to really correct color and exposure variations between source images. - First software to perform HDR stitching from bracketed images. But that's not all! Autopano Pro is incredibly fast. It will take your workflow and productivity to new heights. Autopano Pro is extremely efficient, even in the most difficult cases. And, at any time, you can take control of all software automations to achieve perfect results. Put it to the test! Autopano Pro's features are impressive: - Automatic picture retrieval, - Powerful color and exposure correction, - 'Smartblend' ghost-remover, - Fisheye lens support. Autopano Pro is very performant: - Easy to use, - Power and speed in detecting and stitching panoramas, - HDR stitching (High dynamic range), - Manual picture stitching for difficult jobs. The demo version is fully functional, without any time limit. It only adds a watermark on the panoramas, so you can really test the software and all its features before buying it.