An easy to use, customer relationship software for small businesses and home offices. Operates simply as Microsoft Excel. Keep your contacts is categories of possible customers, customers, suppliers, competitors, etc. * Import contacts from Outlook, outlook express, or csv files * Categorize contacts as Customers, Possible customers, Ex-Customers, Competitors, Suppliers. * Easy filtering on contacts. * Group fax via the Windows fax service. * Predefined envelop stickers printout. * Quick editing table, lets you type-in new contacts in an excel-like table. * Recent contacts tab, lets you find quickly new or updated contacts. * Easy to use from the first minute. * User permissions control the access level of each user. * Does not require an SQL server. You do not need IT staff to install and maintain it. * Easy updates over the internet. * Can run from a USB memory stick. The database file is portable. * Automatic reminders for database backups.