PIMS-Classic is the most advanced Inventory/Sales management system with POS and Accounting that allows a company of any size to manipulate different Inventories (both Finished Goods and Components) to the fullest extent possible. PIMS-Classic allows Users to have unlimited searching, sorting, reporting and updating capabilities. With over 9,700 functions available, PIMS-Classic meets or exceeds the needs of most any business. Whether your business is simple Point-Of-Sale (POS) Retail, Mail Order, Manufacturing, AeroSpace, University, or even a Service Provider that has no Inventory what-so-ever, PIMS-Classic has the functionality you need to operate your business in an efficient and comprehensive manner. With ever shrinking margins, every business today needs to use technology to gain the competitive edge, reduce costs, and enhance services in an ever changing market. PIMS-Classic was designed with this in mind and pioneered such state-of-the-art features as Client/Server architecture, Plug-In technology (for specific End-User customization), Automated Internet Integration (eCommerce), Clairvoyant Look-ups, and Cross-Platform compatibility. Even though P.I.M.S. has enough functionality to handle almost any need your business might have, certain conditions might arise that create a need to alter a specific function or add a new one that's unique to a particular End-User. PIMS-Classic is fully customizable with the simple addition of a Custom-Developed Plug-In. This small file is simply placed into a special folder next to PIMS-Classic, where it can work its magic. The User can still enjoy all of the PIMS-Classic updates they like, without fear of losing their specific modifications! PIMS-Classic, formerly called PIMS Single-User, used to sell for $2,000.00 or more. It is now offered free of charge to celebrate the release of PIMS-X, the next generation of PIMS. PIMS-X is 100% Windows XP and Macintosh OSX native.