TPS of Illinois, Incorporated has created the Quik-Biz Project Management Templates solution to assist individuals and companies with the management of their projects. With over 30 years of combined project management and IT implementation experience, we have brought together these proven templates into one complete package. This package will provide you with everything you need to plan, organize, track and complete your project successfully. Poor project management is the leading cause for why projects fail to meet there intended objectives and why many of them come in over budget. We have provided you with the following templates to assist you with your specific project. Note: All templates are produced in Microsoft Office 2003 (i.e. PowerPoint, Excel, Word, MS Projects) # Template Name 1 Quik Biz - Project Plan Template 2 Quik Biz - Project Charter Template 3 Quik Biz - Scope Change Request Form Template 4 Quik Biz - Scope Change Log Template 5 Quik Biz - Phase Completion Executive Presentation- Example 6 Quik Biz - PM Quick Reference Guide 7 Quik Biz - Test Script Inventory Template 8 Quik Biz - Test Script Template 9 Quik Biz - Expense Report Template 10 Quik Biz - Weekly Time Sheet Template 11 Quik Biz - Meeting Agenda Template 12 Quik Biz - Meeting Sign-In Sheet Template 13 Quik Biz - Request for Proposal Template 14 Quik Biz - Short Form Consulting Agreement 15 Quik Biz - Purchase Order Template 16 Quik Biz - Computer Use Policy Template If have any further questions or require additional project templates, please contact our customer service department ( or visit our website (